Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday 31st July

Left Hartlepool at 0630 hrs on-route for Amble with a southerly wind, by the time I got half way the sea's turned horrid as it started blowing from the east causing a nasty sea that if I am to be honest was a wee bit scary.
So good to get through it and not turn back or divert into Blyth.

I really would like to get to Eyemouth tomorrow but Im absolutely shattered and my Crohn's started to kick off a bit today, so, a day of sorting boat out and recharging myself.

Went to the Harbour Inn for the best Steak pie, chips and peas I've ever had and to my amazement the local postman (Tommy) gave me £20 for the charity and a passing Lass gave me £10... lovely welcome to Amble.

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  1. you take it easy Mister !! remember rule number one, a tired sailor is a danger to his vessel & his crew (Finley) keep it up...i'm going to try and get up to see you on the lochs ! x