Wednesday, 20 July 2011

20th July

Guess whos got Finley..... ME ME ME ME

Time to get out of here !!!!


  1. Yeey! I'm so relieved! I have been following you all the way round and thought this might be the end! Not So! :D

  2. Oh yes!! That's such a relief... do parrots have leads like a dog??? Keep it attached permanently from now on!! Good news - best of luck with the rest of the journey....

  3. Your Feathered Friends at JOSHUA RESCUE FOUNDATION
    are Cheering you on!!
    We were heart sick to know your little buddy was MIA. Your back on course now and we will be watching you from Prineville Oregon, USA
    Good Luck and GOD Bless~

  4. Is it possible to get more cameo shots of FINLEY??
    Such a fine profile!! :0)
    We have a few female Greys that are smitten with Finley! Hahaha