Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday 22nd July

Grimsby looks like its going to be my longest stay, 2 weeks on Monday and the weather doesnt look like its going to improve until early next week.

Fustrating to say the least, F8 gales tomorrow, I was tempted to leave today but a French boat has just arrived with a broken goose neck, due to the size of the waves.

The west and south coast are now perfect for sailing and the east is awful, I swear the bad weather is following me around, maybe clockwise would have been better.

The days are long and there is nothing to do apart from go to the club house and drink beer, at £1.40 a pint I think it could be worse.

Finleys on top form and has become quite a celebrity with the Humber Cruising Association, who have been so welcoming and helpful.

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