Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rolling rolling

I only went and rolled the kayak, admittedly it was in a beginners kayak but never the less I did it.. chuffed.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting the miles in.

Tackled the Bridge Water Canal on Sunday. A lot safer than the sea with no big waves!!

However, there are massive aggressive swans in nesting season that really do not like you kayaking anywhere near their nests and try their hardest to cause you injury. I escaped the first two nests but the third swan was the nastiest piece of work, charging at me and spitting, he was not a happy swan.

After heading 5 miles one way, I then had to return and go back 5 miles to where I had left my car, which meant passing the dreaded swans again. Like the die hard scouser I am, upon arrival at the 'nasty' swan I got out of my kayak and walked along the toe path, (that taught him) then flew past the remaining two swans to complete my first 10 miles. I was knackered, my back was sore and wearing a wet suit in hot weather was not the brightest idea. But, I DID IT.

Only problem was it was not even half the distance I have got to go to get to France.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Three months to go !!

Well, the butterflies started this morning when I realised there are only 3 months left to go until I attempt crossing the English Channel.

Even more concerning is that after another hour in the swimming pool last night I still cannot roll the Kayak.

Going to try and get a good few miles under my belt this weekend !!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Back to basics

Joined Liverpool Kayak Club and had my first session in the pool last night and my first attempt at trying to roll a Kayak.

After an hour I still could not roll the Kayak. I have got to practise in the garden, working on technique more than strength (This will only be happening after it goes dark :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Training started - Kayaking the English Channel

Kayak bought, training begins.

Back in the gym and trying to fit the miles in on the kayak. Been training on the River Dee, longest session has been for 2 hours covering 8 miles on flat calm waters. Sore hand and shoulders.

Attempted to Kayak from Conway to Llandudno this weekend for my first time on the sea, but after 1 hour of being bashed by the waves in a force 4 - 5 , they got the better of me and over I went.

Luckily there was a man on the beach who saw me go over and very kindly phoned the coast guard to my embarrassment. Not the best start to my sea kayaking adventures.

On reflection I need proper training if I am going to complete this challenge. So I am in the local swimming pool tonight to learn how to roll.

Roll on the comforts of a swimming pool.