Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First Lesson

Well that's the first canoeing lesson over, I must have done about two miles maximum and my hands, thighs and shoulders are aching already....
It has made me realise that I need more hours on the water, there is alot more to it than I imagined like, foot pegs, knee braces and getting in and out of the canoe on your own is very tricky.
But, I enjoyed every minute of it, roll on 1st September...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weh hey, Got a canoe, Liverpool Canoe Club kindly have agreed to loan me a canoe with accessories to do the challenge.....Thank you so much

They have also agreed to teach me how to canoe, one to one lesson with Ste next Tuesday to get used to canoe.

Canoeing from Leeds to Liverpool for the dswestpennine Charity on the 1/9/2012

Following the recent Olympic torch event at The Trafford Centre, I came across a fantastic charity based in Manchester, in need of monies and profile raising. This charity is dswestpennine charity.
So, I planned to do this challenge a few years ago but with one thing and another it didn't happen and as I would really like to conquer this challenge, it's game on !!
I have nearly secured a canoe today from Liverpool Canoe Club and am now looking for possible sponsors
The canal is 127miles long with 91 locks.. The canoe will have to be lifted out at each lock and sleeping will be in the nearest field or in the canoe ;)
I am looking for ways of raising monies as the charity doesn't use Just Giving, please contact me if you have any ideas, as £500 would be great to raise for this charity...