Thursday, 14 July 2011


Devistated, I left Finley out of his cage this morning as he was acting very quiet, then someone knocked on the boat I opened the hatch to greet them and forgot he was free in the boat, Finley then flew out and headed west towards a block of flats about a mile away.

I ran after him, climbing on buildings, calling him, then I got wind that a local had got him, I found the lad but he gave it to a gang of lads who then sold it on to someone else, Ive chased and chased after these lads to no avail, placed flyers all over Grimsby and I am getting alot of help off the locals as I have put up a substantial award for his return.

On a positive note if a can find one, at least hes not injured or getting battered by the seagulls.

I dont know what else to do, I cant really leave until Ive exhausted every avenue and I dont know whether to continue with the challenge.

Im gutted to say the least, I pray he comes back to me.

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