Monday, 29 June 2015

Leeds to Liverpool Canal .......... DONE

Well, that was harder than I ever thought.... 127 miles in 5 days.

I do not think there is a part of me that does not ache, Charity figure is up to £4200 ish

I had quite a lot of luck when finding places to stop of an evening and not to many incidents, a hard challenge but very rewarding.

Thanks for all the donation, a video will be on you tube in the coming week,,

Weh Hey !!!!!

I will be putting more photos and a little more about the challenge in the week as right now I just want to jump in a nice warm bath..

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Glass Back

Hopefully the back will hold out now, thank you so much Paddy for fitting me in for a back cracking session and my first experience of acupuncture.

I am now on the baking soda and water treatment, (stop the lactic acid build ups) tastes awful but if it does the job I will drink it all day.

Roll on tomorrow.

1 day to go

1 day to go and I am getting nervous, woke this morning and my back is not good booked into a Osteopath for 9.30 and I am praying he can do something, but whatever happens I am going to attempt this challenge.. fingers crossed I can do it.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

All looking good

Not long to go now and the back is feeling a lot better after a rest from gym and kayaking. My only concern now is I have not trained enough but we will just have to wait and see :).

I received an email from the canal river trust recently asking me to get in touch with them and my heart sank as I thought there was some legality I had over looked and they were going to inform my that I could not attempt the challenge,

However, it was the opposite, they wanted to know if they could help in anyway. That is such good news as there were a few grey area I was a bit unsure of. They have arranged for me to be allowed to go through the 1.3 mile long tunnel in the kayak. (saves a not so nice walk over the hills with the kayak) and hopefully a key for showers and fresh water along the way amongst raising awareness.. Thank you so much.

Getting excited

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Two weeks to go

With only two weeks to go I am getting nervous, I am not training much due to a back injury returning after a game of golf, (typical) I have not played for ten months and my back has not played up. At least now know that golf is not good for my back, time for a new hobby :)

I am sure all will be good in two weeks.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Facts, Leeds - Liverpool Canal

Total distance is 128 miles, 3 3/4 flg and 90 locks. There are at least 57 moveable bridges of which 4 are usually left open. 8 small aqueducts or under bridges. 2 tunnels and 1 major aqueduct.