Friday, 19 August 2011

19th August

Arrived in Inverness at 1500 hrs, really uncomfortable crossing as wind on nose all the way, wind over tide.

So only managed to sail for half an hour getting out of Lossiemouth.

Had spinnaker up yesterdaY on route from Peterhead, Ive never seen it before as the thought of it scared me to death, never mind flying it, getting it up was ok, but then I had to figure out how to get it down.

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  1. You loose the spinnaker halyard and gather the foot as it falls away. The following is the write up in Wikipedia:

    Retrieving the spinnaker is a multi-step process, and the take-down depends on wind position. First, the windward corner is detached from the spinnaker pole and the guy is released. This step is referred to as blowing the guy. This allows the spinnaker to collapse into the shadow of the mainsail, where the foot is gathered by a crew member. The halyard is then lowered, and a crew member gathers the sail and stuffs it carefully into the turtle, corners out, and ready for the next deployment. There are, however many other ways to retrieve the spinnaker depending on the conditions and intent. It may or may not go into a turtle. It may be pulled back into the cockpit & then down below to be repacked for the next hoist or be pulled in a foredeck hatch & left free for the next hoist.

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