Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10th August

The weather sucks, I was all prepared to set sail today to Stonehaven, I gave them a call just to say that I will be there today, only to be told to forget it as big choppy seas, almost impossible to get in and no space with boats being stuck there.....the low pressure is certainly dominating at the moment, so close to the canal yet so far.

On a positive note, a white pudding supper is tremendous !!


  1. The weather is no better here in northern Germany been stuck wasting my holiday week watching the rain falling. Been told that tomorrow is going to be fine. We will see.
    I wish you all the best on your trip, It´s an inspiration to others. Not too sure about sharing a boat with a bloody parrot though..laugh..

    take care Jim

  2. Thanks Jim, weathers very fustrating with very small openings, there is a big sea festival here this weekend so i'm going to stay for weekend and wait for southerly winds to come round..