Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16th August

Decided to stay in Peterhead as strong winds are forcast for today and tomorrow, so going to miss out Whitehills and go to Lossiemouth on Thursday which should pull back a day.

Decided to jump in and give Zuma a clean and check all is in order below water, unfortunately my anode is missing from the shaft so I am going to have to either dry Zuma out somewhere or pay to get her lifted out at Inverness or Largs :( a bit of a set back as funds are running very low !!!


  1. take no credit for this piece of advice as it was given to me by an experienced cruiser some years ago. I pass it on as it is so good.
    Now you know that prop shaft adodes 'rot' from the inside out so that means that the adode that you once clamped tightly around the shaft becomes loose over time as the internal diameter increases.
    A loose anode has a tendancy to run up and down the shaft and can cause all sorts of mayhem to the mountings at each end plus some very worrying nosies.
    A simple solution is to clamp hose clips on to your shaft either side of your new anode then as the anode 'rots' it is contained in position and can't go 'walkies' up and down the shaft. Make sure that the hose clips are best quality marine stainless!

  2. cheers mate, the previous owner put hose clips on the shaft, but they alway fall off, I even used lock tight this time, very fustrating..

  3. not the clips fall off, the anodes !!!