Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17th August

Eighteen years ago today my son Alex was born.

Happy Birthday Mate, hope to see you soon, missing you so much.....

Leaving for Lossiemouth at 0500 in morning.


  1. Having now reached Lossiemouth you have passed the most northerly point on your voyage of adventure,it is downhill all the way now. Congratulation on reaching the apex of your trip, you have shown great courage, determination and skill in this achievement and we are very proud of you. The sea is a cruel mistress and you have shown great respect for her. Well done. October

  2. Thank you, so much for your encouragement and support, you will never realise how much it helped me. x

  3. go for gold mate :) good on ya...

    happy birthday alex, can't believe he's 18. you old git H :)