Friday, 19 September 2014

So close, yet so far

The time and date was to be at 0815hrs on the 19th September.

I set off Rye bound after a days work. I found a B & B about 1100hrs last night all excited about the challenge in the morning.

I woke to a foggy morning and upon arrival at the departure point I met Will from the safety boat company, he explained that if the visibility was less than two miles then the challenge was not happening today. I waited around for an hour to see the fog clearing, so we set off for Dungeness. When we arrived at Dungeness the fog was worse than ever.

The latest I could set off was 1100hrs to enable our hopeful return within daylight. We decided to sit around for a couple of hours waiting for the fog to clear but to my disappointment it never cleared. We agreed that the challenge could not go ahead and headed back to Rye, followed by an  8hr drive home.

The safety company are confident that they will get me across by the end of October, fingers crossed.

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