Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Getting very frustrated over kayak challenge

I have not been in the kayak now for 6 weeks and only visited the gym a hand full of times.

The whole country is under a massive high pressure system and the safety company say its not safe enough to carry out the challenge at the moment. I don't know whether I am just unlucky or because our money is in their bank there is no incentive to get us across the channel, However, I am back in the kayak this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week we get to give this challenge a bloody good go.

Thanks for bearing with me and a massive thanks for the continuing donations x


  1. I hadn't realised it was a naked cross channel challenge!! ( " baring with me ")

  2. Just say cool :) and I also would like to welcome you to our Sailing Community - Clubtray Sailing on http://www.clubtray.com/sailing