Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday 2nd October

Still in Portpatrick, checked weather forecast this morning and it said 28 knts south westerly at the Isle of Man with fog patches.
Well, thats the first time XC weather has messed up, because it was a perfect day to go :((

However my Nav instruments went down in the heavy rain yesterday and I got chance to fix them in the dry today and dry the boat and clothing.

Zuma has now circumnavigated Britain now as the previous owner informed me, that he had been to Portpatrick previously.

This challenge has not really been about the sailing/motoring or the navigation, the weather has been so hard to judge and its been an awful year weather wise, I watched the highlights of the Liverpool derby in the pub yesterday and couldn't believe the weather in Liverpool only 140 miles away.

Now hurricane Ophelia is hitting this week, Ive got to get a break soon to run home !!!

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