Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Still in Portpatrick

Finding the strength to leave harbours is becoming very hard.

I have decided to stay another day in Portpatrick as something / someone was telling me not to go, the winds are perfect however the sea state is moderate. It's probably because of the spring tides and it being the North Channel...

I feel like I'm 'wimping' out, but the last thing I wanted was to be knocked around in the dark getting into a harbour I have never been to.

The forecast is better for tomorrow, with clearish skies, dry and hopefully a better sea state.

I appreciate I have to take what weather windows I get now and turning one down is very fustrating and soul destroying..

I have really got to get myself together and get out there, it's so hard to drag yourself from safety into the unknown and trying to rely on a weather forecast that has been a bit inconsistent lately is testing.

This time tomorrow I hope I am on my way to Peel, as after tomorrow I face being stuck here for another week...and that cannot happen.

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