Friday, 27 May 2011

Sod's Law.

Its looking like I will get around Lands End next week but when, I am not too sure.

The weather seems to be so confusing and the weather forecast prove that its all over the place.
A boat attempted to leave Padstow this morning only to return four hours later, with a wind blown crew.

Its sod's law that from Thursday onwards the wind changes to an easterly, just when I plan to hit the south coast but thats a week away and the way the weather fronts are, that could hopefully change.

I am becoming a bit of a weather anorak and I think I am making the mistake of looking at far too many weather web sites and analysing the weather too indepth. This next leg has got to be right, it is probably one of the trickiest of the challenge and when you're trying to avoid cabin fever and the only thing not letting you move is the weather, its difficult not to analyse the weather on an hourly basis.

Its all about the weather !!!


  1. Same weather on Merseyside, rain, wind, sun And more wind. Hang in there Paul & Finlay it can't stay like that forever. Ian.

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