Sunday, 15 May 2011

15th May

Well I never expected to be at Neyland Yacht Haven today, but thankfully I never went back to bed this morning and I attempted another try and it was probably the best sail so far, wind on the beam for a change instead of right on my nose. I am so chuffed to be here.

Fishguard was ok but mainly a fishing port with very little facilities and a horrible wall, where as Neyland has the biggest Sunday roasts, wifi, showers and a lovely welcome.

I went through a stretch of water today called Ramsey Sound, an unbelievable stretch, the best I have ever sailed in, the boat reached 9.5 knots and there were whirl pools, springs, calm water, really something special.
(most avoid it, but Paul from the RNLI pointed me in the right direction).

I am learning on this 'journey' that there are going to be high times and low times, yesterday was a low moment to turn back and think I was going to be stuck in Fishguard until Thursday with no amenities, but you dig deep and today is a massive high.

Thank you to all that are following , it does make a difference..Weh Hey !!


  1. Go Paul! Well done you, sounds like a bit of a stressful week, hope your health stays good. Crap weather here, less sunshine and many, many more showers, roll on the summer.

  2. Great to see your on the move again Paul. Keep your pecker up and your feathers groomed, sorry that's for Finley. I'm sure your very positive and enjoying the experience. Look forward to more logs from your trip.
    Wal your dads mate who he owes a pint to.