Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting the miles in.

Tackled the Bridge Water Canal on Sunday. A lot safer than the sea with no big waves!!

However, there are massive aggressive swans in nesting season that really do not like you kayaking anywhere near their nests and try their hardest to cause you injury. I escaped the first two nests but the third swan was the nastiest piece of work, charging at me and spitting, he was not a happy swan.

After heading 5 miles one way, I then had to return and go back 5 miles to where I had left my car, which meant passing the dreaded swans again. Like the die hard scouser I am, upon arrival at the 'nasty' swan I got out of my kayak and walked along the toe path, (that taught him) then flew past the remaining two swans to complete my first 10 miles. I was knackered, my back was sore and wearing a wet suit in hot weather was not the brightest idea. But, I DID IT.

Only problem was it was not even half the distance I have got to go to get to France.

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