Tuesday, 20 September 2011

20th September

I have heard of harbour fever before and been told that harbours rot boats and sailors and I just thought it was a myth.

Today I think I am having my first harbour fever experience, I feel that I am losing my bottle, I am 'concerned' every time I leave harbour but the thought of the North Channel and the so varied weather reports is causing me big concerns this time.

I went for a walk to the beach today and looked over the seas and thought, jesus that looks so scary and then made the mistake of chatting to a local about these seas, only to be told some of the scariest stories Ive heard so far. (Im sure when he got home he must of told his wife that he had just frightened the life out of a scouser sailing around Britain with a parrot) !!!

Im finding that the longer you stay in a harbour the harder it is to get back out on the seas, I just need to get out there and just do it, instead of trying to find the perfect conditions. I seem to be getting more conservative the closer I get to home, on my first leg of the challenge I was getting 40 mph plus winds and it was ok, Caernarfon To Pwhelli was 33 mph on the nose, now anything more than a 25mph wind and I am staying put.
I know I have got to take Finley into account and that does make a wee difference as the wind can be blowing but the sea state has got to be good.

I think three shredded wheat for me and a large Gin, when I next sail.

Off to Glasgow tomorrow on the train to get away from the harbour and the boat and sea for a day.

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