Sunday, 27 February 2011

62 Days 16 Hours 54 Minutes 16 Seconds To Go ...

The Web Site is now up and running, with a massive thanks to Christos from Shroom Studio who's dedicated his time and effort to compiling the Web Site.

Just over two months to go before commencement of the round Britain Sail and the nerves are setting in already.

Unfortunately the Liverpool Boat Show has been cancelled, which will have a detrimental effect on the target to be raised for the charity, as I was hoping to use the boat show as a way of gaining maximum publicity for the charity and subsequent raising of money.

Besides the bad news about the boat show everything else has been going great, I've now purchased some essential items such as a chart plotter RC400, fridge and sailing boots. I have have received some very nice gifts, firstly all the west coast and half of the south coast charts along with new anchor chain, donated by Kenny and Linda from Liverpool Marina. Also Rob has kindly provided Bosuns chair, generator, pare fenders, battery charger, new ocean going coat and waterproof trousers, 100m of quality rope, spare charts, battery charger, spare shackles and bits and bobs. Thank you very much.

Also on the sponsor side of the trip, GJW, a boat insurance company from Liverpool, have reduced my insurance premium as a way of donating. Pets Pantry of Old Swan have kindly agreed to supply all the food and essentials for Finlay on the trip and donate to the charity, in return for advertising space on the sides of Zuma.

So all in all things are looking pretty good, apart from the boat show being cancelled. Currently I am in the process of trying to find some larger sponsors for the trip, but this is proving hard with the current economic climate being the way it is, but I am still hopeful.

Thank you so much to the people who have already donated to the charity, its breath taking to see the generosity of people.

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  1. 62 Days 16 Hours 54 Minutes 16 Seconds Too Soon To Go ... xxx