Saturday, 9 October 2010

There are some very nice people out there !!!

Finally got the toilet (heads) working today, so only the Tri light at the top of the mast to be done now, I spent another hour up the mast scratching my head as to why it wont work as the electrician unfortunately let me down today (again). But to my joy I bumped into a fellow sailor who must have taken pity on me and offered to sort it out on Wednesday in exchange for me giving him a hand anti fouling his boat, brilliant news as I was running out of options, thank you Rob.

Hopefully, weather permitting I will be setting off in the next couple of weeks for the 'Anglesey' sail to see how Zuma holds up, I cant wait !!

Not the most comfortable position

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  1. Not loving the cleaning out the toliet thing CHRISTOS!!!!!!Hahaha. But the rest sounds just fabo! xx